Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Brighten up your day

A picture to brighten up your day x
Photo source: unknown

Monday, 2 May 2011

Stunning Whiteness

I adore this house that i found and about 2 days ago. It is so pure and organised (unlike mine...), I LOVE IT! It's very Scandinavian and looks very clean and elegant, and just pure simplicity. Have a look & leave a comment saying what you think.

Photos: dekoratissen

So there you go,
White as snow.
Hit 'Follow' on the side,
Then you'll be inside.
Leave a comment,
So I'll know,
What you hate,
And what you love,
Because I LOVE you,
And you know it's true... x

The CUTIES of the Day

Okay, so I have this passion for searching the web for cute and adorable crafts, and this is no exception! Today's 'Cuties of the Day' are these absolutely wonderful pillows! Take a peep for yourself...

Photos: nicetylivejournal
Until next time x

Clever Recycling

You can also re-use something, no matter what it is! Be creative and spontaneous, and the chances are it will turn out pretty awesome in the end! Here are some inspirational examples:

Hope this inspired you all! x

Exam Revision

Hey, i just wanted to let you know that i have my summer exams coming up in about 15 days time. So i am literally revising every free minute i have AND trying to update this blog whenever i can (which i love). Thanks so much for all the support everyone! Here is a lovely picture to brighten up your afternoons!

Oh, and just one last shout out, for all you guys out there who don't have to worry about any upcoming tests, consider yourselves very lucky INDEED! x

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Image of the Evening

I just couldn't resist posting this gorgeous image that I found on Cartoon Styles and just fell in love with! Sweet Dreams everyone x

Forever 21 Passion

Just a double doze of the Forever21 look book, selected personally by myself to brighten up your evening!-Yummy!

I would wear any of these outfits, anytime, anywhere, any day... Mix & match all the way! x